Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday, Noon, 07 March 2013

Again a thoughtful comment of JOSHUA OPPENHEIMER
, which is as follows:

On Facebook

"The Indonesian Ambassador to Sweden joined us for tonight's premiere of THE ACT OF KILLING in Stockholm. He said he liked it. His daughter certainly did.

"Unfortunately, we couldn't get him to commit to saying that the government should apologise for the genocide...

* * *

Someone certainly ask . . . Will the Indonesian Ambassador in Holland attend the screening of "The Act of Killing" on March 31th, at The Schakel, in Diemen, organized by the Indonesian Community??? .....

HOPEFULLY, she will.

I don't think She will have to ask Jakarta's approval for seeing "The Act of Killing". . . together with others, most of them happend to be victims of the New Order's violation of human rigjhts.

Amsterdam, 18.43 hrs.*

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