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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


(Memorial Speech) - Rotterdam,26 January 2010)



/Dear families Ami-Nicon, Yanti-Hari; Wiwit-Nono; Endro-Nita ; Widio-Andri and Zus Artin Darma. /

/Friends, ladies and gentlemen,/

/The law of nature and God's Will decided that the life of human-beings, just like those of other living creatures on this planet, will finally come to an end. /

/*Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Lillahi Rajiun.*/

/A time of gathering like we have today is a very sad and heavy one. This is true especially for the children and grand children, the in-laws and other members of the family Munandar. It is very hard to put this feeling into words. The passing away of A.S. Munandar-- made us all, left alone in this world. We are with the whole family in mourning the passing away of A.S. Munandar. We hope the family will be brave in a difficult time in which they are at this very moment.. /

/The passing away of A.S Munandar, -- to his comrade in arms, is a loss of a very close friend. More than that. We are his close friend and comrade in arms. To us, he is a comrade and a senior as well. He is an example for us in plain living. An example of how to be patience. How to be tolelerant. Especially vis a vis different ideas. The more so, he is an example of how to think deeply and act cautiously. It is difficult indeed, to find someone like him. /

/How lucky we are to have a precious and valuable legacy, i.e. his book “SELECTED WRITINGS” – Opinion and Views – (1990 – 2009). Do you want to know the opinion and views of A.S, Munandar, to get to know who he is – reading his book would be helpful./

/I need not to say again what I wrote a few days ago in my articles about A.S. Munandar. I just want to let you know the opinion and impression of those who are from the new generation in Indonesia, and from a Dutch friend./

/Let me tell you the feelings of someone who happened to know Bung Cipto, when he got the news of Munandar's passing away. That friend is a scholar from Indonesia. In 2007 he received his PhD at the Leiden University. It was at that time when he was studying at Leiden, S. Margono, from The Faculty of History of the Gajah Mada University, Jogyakarta, -- had conversations with Munandar and several times listened to his lectures, about the developments in Indonesia./

/He wrote in his e-mail to me, among others: He (Munandar) was indeed a very-very cordial and intimate friend. An intelligent and educated person. His analyses on different issues are very sharp. As a youg man I have learned much from him, either from his lectures or conversations with him, especially held at Korenbloemlaan 59, Leiden./

“/Together w//ith others I pray to God, – – - please give him the best place at Your side, conforming his deeds for the wellbeing of others, for the nation and the country./

/Let us listen to the impression of a member of his family, written in English as follows: /

“/He who has sacrificed himself and even his family for the better life of the unlucky, has passed away. Until the end of his life, he always was an inspiration for his friends . . . . ./

“/We believe what you have fought for, has meaning even just a tiny. Our love goes with you. May you rest in peace.”/

* * *

/I would like to tell you, the wish of our friend from Jogyakarta. S.Margana/

/who did not forget to ask (me). He wrote: “If I may ask you, Pak, where can I get the book of Pak Munandar?”/

/When the news reach dr Coen Holtzappel, chairman of the Wertheim Stichting, about the passing away of A.S. Munandar, who is chairman of SAS – Stichting Azië Studies, Informatie and Documentatie – he spontaneously wrote to me: WHAT A LOSS! Can you, Isa, arrange for a wreath for him from The Wertheim Stichting?/

* * *

/The deep impressions and feelings as expressed by DR S. Margana (Jogyakarta); one from a member of the Munandar family (Jakarta), and another from dr Coen Holtzappel, chairman of the Wertheim Stchting (Amsterdam), -- fully represent my own feelings and impressions on A.S Munandar. /

* * *

/It is a great honour for me to be able to stand here and speak for my comrade in arms beloved A.S. Munandar./

/I thank you, Ami and Nicon and the family../

* * *


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