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Amsterdam, 01 Nov. 2012

Minggu 04 Nov, 2012, Jakarta.

Kawan-kawan y.b.,

Kemarin aku menerima siaran dari John McGlyn, Ketua "The Lontar Foundation", bersangkutan dengan rencana mereka pada tanggal 04 November yad,  dengan bekerjasama dengan Orkes Simfoni Jakarta akan menghidangkan konser berjudul "Wayang in Symphony", di "Grand Performance Hall", di Pusat Seni Jakarta,  Taman Ismail Marzuki.
(Isi surat lengkap dari John McGlyn, terlampir).

Bagi penggemar dan pencinta budaya musik simfoni dan Cerita Wayang, yang tinggal di Jakarta maupun yang dekat-dekat situ, dan punya syaratnya, disarankan untuk hadir pada pertunjukan musik simfoni yang unik ini.

Suatu kesempatan  yang jarang ada ---
Selama 90 menit menikmati musik simfoni yang bertema Cerita Wayang.

Selamat menikmatinya,


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October 31, 2012

Dear Ibrahim Bramijn,

This past Sunday, October 28, marked the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Lontar Foundation. Twenty-five years... That's a long time for an Indonesian non-profit organization to survive and well worth celebrating but because Idul Adha, the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice, fell on the preceding Friday we decided to postpone our celebration. Now, our party will be held on November 24 when we, in cooperation with the Jakarta Symphony Orchestra, will host a concert titled "Wayang in Symphony" at the new grand performance hall at Taman Ismail Marzuki, the Jakarta Arts Center.

You might remember that Lontar has for the past 5 years been working on a Wayang Education Package. Now almost ready for release, this package will contain 6 documentary films of 6 shadow puppet performances (with subtitles in English and Indonesian for a total duration of 35 hours), 6 volumes of text---2 in Javanese, 2 in Indonesian, and 2 in English---and a separate volume of gamelan notation from the 6 performances. Truly a landmark work!

One of the shadow plays we documented in the process of making the Package was Makutharama or Rama's Crown whose story revolves around a special heavenly power (wahyu) capable of bestowing on its owner glory, honor, and power. This particular wahyu, known as "Makutharama" contains eight elements (hasta brata) of the natural world that serve as models for the behavior of a country's leaders.

1.    Earth: a leader must strong and prosperous, capable of fulfilling the people's needs;
2.    Fire: a leader must be uncompromising, especially in dispensation of justice;
3.    Water: a leader must give spirit and life to his people;
4.    Wind: a leader must promote a sense of well being for the people;
5.    Starlight: a leader must provide direction for the people;
6.    Moonlight: even in darkness, a good leader provides light for the people;
7.    The Sun: a leader must give energy to the people; and
8.    Clouds: behind every cloud, a solution can be found and from dark clouds spring rains that bring benefit to the earth and its people.

At the concert, the Jakarta Symphony Orchestra will present a 90 minute orchestral piece inspired by these principles and their natural elements.

At this particular juncture in Indonesian history, when leadership is frequently viewed as either something that is inherited or a commodity that can be bought, we at Lontar feel that it is time for this country's leaders to review the many lessons for leadership that can be found in indigenous Indonesian texts.

Through the concert, we hope to raise funds to support future Lontar activities. For more information about the concert and how to buy tickets for Wayang in Symphony, go to: Additional information may be found at

Yours sincerely,

John McGlynn
Chairman, Board of Trustees

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